Equine Citronella Shampoo 500ML


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Natural herbal formula to clean, heal and protect irritated skin of all coat types.
It’s active ingredients help reduce itchiness caused by bites, heal and protect the skin against infection and wash away biting pests, all whilst cleaning and conditioning the coat.
Antiseptic formulation, ideal for helping to soothe irritated or sore skin.
Penetrates deep into the coat making it clean, shiny and soft.
  •  Washes away biting pests
  •  Antiseptic formula
  •  Cleans & Conditions
  •  Contains essential oils
  •  Suitable for all coats
  •  Leaves coat soft, clean & shiny


Directions: Shake well before use. Add 20ml of shampoo per litre of water, or apply directly to wet coat. Work into a lather for a deep conditioning wash and rinse well.


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